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The Bridge Community Praise Team was formed the same time the church itself was established. The team consists of 4 members; David Yang as Praise Leader, Julie Baik with vocals, Heesu You with the bass, and Timothy Lim with the drums. Although the team was formed in 2006, most of the team members have been playing together for many years before this. We provide a wide variety of praise songs from our various musical influences. Our goal is to lead an awesome time for the congregation to praise God. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, and even song requests, please contact our Praise Leader, David Yang, at yangsta87@sbcglobal.net

We are always looking to expand the team! If you are interested in joining, please contact David Yang, at yangsta87@sbcglobal.net
So I'm here to share with you guys about when and how I got to join the praise team. Wow, all these old memories that I forgot about are starting to pop out of my head. I think I first joined the praise team during the summer of my sixth grade. At the time, Hannie really wanted to join the praise team with me, so even though it wasn't of my own will, I decided to join. This is so embarrassing, but I absolutely sucked, hahaha. Not only did I have NO talent or experience whatsoever, but also, I didn't know what it meant to be in a "praise team". I remember it started off as one acoustic/praise leader and just three vocals, then slowly grew as Dave Hwang took charge as our new praise leader. As time passed by, I slowly began to realize why I was serving in the team. Although I'm not professionally talented, I loved praising and still love it. I love the fact that it didn't matter whether or not I was a good singer, because it's not about that. It's about giving my all to God, because he always gives his all to me. I just feel like a complete different person when I praise. I feel this indescribable happiness and excitement.
Now I am serving in the EM praise team, and I absolutely love it! David, Heesu, and Tim are so talented in what they do, and they all love praising. Yes, they make fun of me and are really mean to be a lot, maybe because I'm the only girl?! Or.. maybe because it's just me -_- but we all get along in the end, in a weird way, haha. I guess that's all I have to say. Until I add more, toodles!
Julie Baik
Timothy Lim
Drums / Electric Guitar

In 2004, my Youth Ministry was in need of a praise team. I wasn't very good, but I loved to play drums, so my youth pastor asked if I was interested in joining the praise team. So for the very first time of my life, I decided to step up and serve God. I've been playing ever since than and loved every minute of it. Through my experience in the praise team, I truly learned so much about serving and praising God and became very passionate about it. After I graduated up to the English Ministry, I was given another opportunity to be apart of the praise team we are in now. Although my main instrument is the drums, I have learned to play the electric guitar as well and play as a guitarist for the praise team when we can. Regardless of whatever instrument I am playing, I just love to serve God in this way. I hope that I will always be able to be apart of a praise team throughout my entire life.
Musical Influences:
Musical Influences:

Aaron Gillespie
Foo Fighters
Angels And Airwaves
The Almost
Jeremy Camp

Dave Yang
Guitar / Vocals
Musical Influences:
Heesu You
Musical Influences:
Sara Bareilles
Brooke Fraser
Alexz Johnson
Keyshia Cole
India Arie

Jack Johnson Casting Crowns John Mayer
Jeremy Camp
Jars of Clay
David Crowder
Jimmy Needham
God called me to this ministry when I was in Junior in high school; ever since I have been serving in a praise ministry. I was a backup singer when I started out but soon I picked up playing an acoustic guitar and started leading praise. Being in the praise team and leading, I have grown spiritually, musically and even some leadership skills. I firmly believe that I have lot more to learn about leading and worshiping God; there are so many awesome things about praising the Lord, it's mind boggling. Even though in the past years I have made many mistakes and wrong decisions in the praise ministry, I'm glad to know that God still forgives and loves me no matter what I do. It's been awarding and blessing opportunity to be in this ministry and with the people I love. I owe all my thanks and praise to my Lord and the church that allowed me to be a praise leader. Looking forward, I am very excited for the future and for those who will be willing to serve in the praise team. Let's praise God together!


Oh come, let us worship and bow down;
let us kneel before the Lord, our Maker!

-Psalm 95:6

wor-ship [wer-ship]: (noun) reverant honor and homage paid to God
-Websters Dictionary

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Our Praise Team will bring new and updated songs to our ministry.  Check out these songs!
(We will regularly update and introduced these songs to Friday / Sunday Praise)
Take Heart
Chris Tomlin
Father's Heart
Beautiful Exchange